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One of the biggest trends that has taken over the mainstream consciousness is artificial intelligence. Once the exclusive domain of movies and TV shows, AI is now very much a reality. While we’re not at the level of replicating human intelligence and emotions, AI has a broad definition. For instance, driver assistance systems, such as those developed by Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: ), rightfully falls under this category.

Another innovation is the rapidly-growing Internet of Things (IoT) concept, which describes the internet connectivity of everyday devices.

But the surge in technological advancements hasn’t eliminated human involvement or intervention. Quite the opposite actually. In the coming years and decades, carbon-based operators will be in high demand. After all, somebody must interpret the mountains of data into meaningful, actionable information.

Here are seven megatrend stocks with massive, long-term potential.

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Most investors looking for AI-based megatrend stocks typically look exclusively at the technology sector. However, the beauty of AI is that its applications are only limited to one’s creativity, as BioXcel Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ) demonstrates.

BioXcel is first and foremost a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, with a specialty in immuno-oncology . This term refers to the process of using a patient’s immune system to treat cancer. But what separates BTAI from other immune-oncology firms is their use of AI in filtering and categorizing the big data found in clinical research.

From there, BioXcel can analyze a treatment’s performance metrics on particular patients. Through careful tweaks and modulations, the pharmaceutical company aims for higher clinical success rates, even among patients previously deemed as failed test candidates. This provides meaningful hope for patients struggling with rare or difficult-to-treat cancers.

BTAI just launched with an initial public offering in March of this year. As a result, BioXcel is a risky affair. But with a longer-term outlook, BTAI could be a surprise hit due to its combination of biotechnology and AI.


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Because AI has such a broad range, you can find any number of direct plays in the sector. However, a better approach is to choose an indirect play like Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: ).

Earlier this week, Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Mehdi Hosseini Steve Madden Mens Harpoon Derby zMVU0kNm
TSM stock to “positive” from “neutral.” Hosseini cited several optimistic factors, key among them Taiwan Semiconductor’s AI-specific chipmaking facilities. These chips are specially designed for AI applications. Notable TSM clients include Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ).

In our study, Singapore emerged as the most future oriented of cultures, followed by Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. The least future oriented were Russia, Argentina, Poland, and Hungary. Squarely in the middle were Germany, Taiwan, Korea, and Ireland. Even more important, however, is our further finding that the greater a society’s future orientation, the higher its average GDP per capita and its levels of innovativeness, happiness, confidence, and (as the chart shows) competitiveness.

Competitive Countries Have an Eye on the Future

What does this mean for an executive attempting to manage or work with teams in cultures that are less future oriented than their own? First, team members will have different perceptions of the feasibility of forward thinking. Even if the indigenous workers personally value long-term planning, they may see it as futile, given prevailing practices and conditions. But second, because of those shared values, it is possible to inspire people to become more future oriented. The key is to start modestly by setting team goals for, say, a three-month horizon and then ensuring they are met. By gradually increasing time horizons, a manager can endow a team with a sense of control over outcomes that formerly may have seemed hopelessly provisional and remote.

Knowing how future orientation varies from culture to culture can help leaders shift their attitude from judgmental to understanding and focus their collaborative efforts. A true global leader doesn’t blame local teams for failing to immediately live up to their aspirations but rather helps them achieve long-term goals one step at a time.

A version of this article appeared in the July–August 2007 issue of .
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your sample pool is a bit limited for something that is meant to be cultural almost everybody in middle management will be future oriented it was there thoughts being directed to the future that encouraged them to aim for promotion so i would expect the trend of everybody in middle management is more driven than the culture they dwell

Indeed, our work suggests that the management community may have badly underestimated the benefits of core management practices—as well as the investment needed to strengthen them—by relegating them to the domain of “easy to replicate.” Managers should certainly dedicate their time to fundamental strategic choices, but they should not suppose that fostering strong managerial practices is below their pay grade. Just as the ability to discern competitive shifts is important to firm performance, so too is the ability to make sure that operational effectiveness is truly part of the organization’s DNA.

One frequent suggestion in this era of flattened organizations is that everyone has to be a strategist. But we’d suggest that everyone also needs to be a manager. Core management practices, established thoughtfully, can go a long way toward plugging the execution gap and ensuring that strategy gets the best possible chance to succeed.

A version of this article appeared in the September–October 2017 issue (pp.120–127) of .

Raffaella Sadun is the Thomas S. Murphy Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, where she studies the economics of productivity, organization, management practices, and information technology.

Nicholas Bloom is the William Eberle Professor of economics at Stanford University and a codirector of the Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

John Van Reenen is the Gordon Y. Billard Professor in the MIT’s department of economics and its Sloan School of Management.

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I like the results of the study but fail to understand how the value of the data is not undermined by the "Halo Effect". By asking managers if this or that practice exists, the manager has a lot of leeway in judging its existence (and even more its quality). Is it not so that the overall performance of a business lets a manager make overly optimistic statements, the more successful a company is? I am curious to hear from the authors about this.

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